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In a state where the sun shines bright, the sea sparkles, and the weather throws an occasional curveball, the right choice of exterior paint isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about resilience and harmony with the environment. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate through the plethora of paint types, finishes, and trending color schemes, ensuring your Florida home not only stands out but also stands strong against the elements.

Selecting the best exterior paint for Florida homes

Florida’s distinct blend of sun, sea, and sometimes storms demands a paint that’s up for the challenge. But how do you discern which paint dances harmoniously with Florida’s rhythm? We’re here to illuminate the path.

Decoding paint types

  • Water-based (Latex) paints. Favored for their quick drying time, easy cleanup, and resistance to yellowing, they’re a popular choice for many Floridian homes.
  • Oil-based (Alkyd) paints. While they take longer to dry, they offer a smoother finish and are exceptionally durable. However, they do tend to yellow over time.

The Florida must-haves

  • UV resistance. With the Florida sun generously showering its rays, UV-resistant paints are paramount. They reduce the risk of fading, chalking, or blistering.
  • Mildew and mold resistance. Given the humid conditions, paints with additives that deter mold and mildew growth can be a lifesaver.
  • Waterproofing. With occasional tropical storms, a paint that offers excellent water resistance can ensure longevity.

Finish matters

  • Flat/matte. While offering a non-reflective finish, they can be less resistant to wear. Best for areas with low traffic or touch.
  • Eggshell & satin. A happy medium. They offer a slight sheen, are easier to clean than flat finishes, and are perfect for general siding.
  • Semi-gloss & gloss. Shiny and highly reflective. Ideal for doors, trim, or any area where high durability and ease of cleaning are required.

Paint brands that resonate with Florida

  • Prestige Paint. Renowned for its durability and great coverage, this line also boasts formidable resistance to mold and mildew.
  • Behr Marquee. Famed for its one-coat coverage and UV resistance, it’s an excellent contender for the Floridian sun.
  • Benjamin Moore’s Aura. With exceptional color retention and resistance to fading, Aura is a great choice for those looking to maintain vibrancy.

What are the trending exterior house colors in Florida?

Living in the colorful embrace of Florida means your home should radiate the same warmth and vibrancy. The right color palette can dramatically transform your abode.

The influence of natural surroundings – The sunsets, beaches, and tropical flora all play a role in inspiring home exterior color schemes. Dive into the world of trending colors that resonate with Florida’s spirited soul.

The pastel paradise

  • Sun-kissed yellows. Imagine capturing the first rays of dawn on your home. Soft yellows bring warmth and an unmistakable cheeriness.
  • Subtle peaches. Delicate, soft, and universally pleasing, peach hues echo the gentleness of early morning skies.
  • Pale blues. Capture the essence of the vast Florida skies and serene beaches with muted blues, ensuring tranquillity with every glance.

Embrace earthy tones

  • Olives. Taking a cue from Florida’s lush greenery, olives provide a grounded, rich backdrop to both modern and traditional homes.
  • Rich browns. If you’re seeking a connection to the earth, deep browns offer a sense of stability and warmth.
  • Muted terracotta. A beautiful nod to Florida’s Spanish architectural influences, terracotta hues bridge modernity with tradition.

The azure allure

Reflecting the vastness of the ocean, these shades range from:

  • Teal. Deep and mesmerizing, teal is for the bold and the brave.
  • Cobalt. Rich and royal, it mirrors the depths of the Atlantic, offering an undeniable magnetism.

Play with sunset hues

Gradient painting is daring but absolutely delightful. Mimicking nature’s most beautiful daily artwork, you can start with deep maroons at the base, transitioning to fiery oranges, culminating in soft goldens at the top.

Beyond solid colors: Textures & patterns

While color is paramount, textures can add depth and character. Consider:

  • Stucco finishes: A nod to Mediterranean influences, stucco adds dimension and a rustic charm.
  • Faux finishes: Techniques like sponging or ragging can give a unique, artisanal touch to your exteriors.

Tips to making your choice

Consider the landscape

Does your home overlook the beach or is it nestled among trees? Your environment can guide your palette.

Size perception

Lighter colors can make your home appear larger, while darker hues offer a cozy, nestled feel.

Check with HOA

If you’re part of a Homeowner’s Association, ensure your color choices align with their guidelines.

Test before committing

Paint large swatches on the exterior to observe how the color behaves across different times of the day and in varying light conditions.

Consider the costs


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Before starting your project, calculate the costs for exterior house painting to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Choosing the perfect paint and color scheme for your Florida home can be an exhilarating yet daunting task. With the unique demands of Florida’s climate and the endless color options, it’s vital to make a choice that not only reflects your personal style but also withstands the test of time and nature. All Star Painter will help you choose the perfect palette. Comprehensive services ensure that every step, from selecting the right paint type to the final brushstroke, is handled with precision and care. Don’t just dream about the perfect exterior for your Florida home. Contact All Star Painter today and take the first step towards making your home a true reflection of the Sunshine State’s spirit. Whether in Tampa, Lakeland, or Orlando, your house painting journey starts here. Let’s paint a brighter future together!

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