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If you live in Florida, here’s something you know for sure – it’s super humid. And when those moisture levels are consistently pretty high, sooner or later you’re going to be dealing with mold. From the dreaded black mold to aspergillus, cladosporium to green-blue penicillium, alternaria to trichoderma and beyond, watch out for those typical mold spots, that unpleasant damp odor, peeling paint, and soft spots on the drywall. So: can you just paint over it? Will paint kill mold? Or is that just a really silly thing to do?

What you need to know about mold and paint

Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re tempted to wonder if you can simply paint over mold. Out of sight, goodbye stains and discoloration, and a lot cheaper than doing something else about it. But apart from that easy cover-up, does paint kill mold if you just paint over it? Let’s take a deep dive:

1. It will just keep growing

So: can you paint over mold? You can, but you’re just going to be dealing with the problem again somewhere down the line – except it could be even worse.

No, painting over mold doesn’t kill it. If the moisture is still there, the mold will continue to feed on it and thrive – even beneath those paint layers.

2. It’s bad for you

Sure, painting over mold stops that wall from looking so ugly. But the mold is still there – and so are the health risks. You should know that mold can cause or worsen various respiratory problems, as well as allergic reactions and headaches. “Can I paint over mold?” You can, but it just hides the nasty problem.

3. It causes structural damage

By just adding a layer or two of paint over mold, you’re overlooking the structural damage that mold is doing, too. Worse still, you may forget the problem that ultimately becomes extraordinarily expensive to fix.

4. Paint over mold looks bad

And if you really are tempted to just do some quick painting over mold patches, bear in mind that it might not even look good! The new paint is likely to peel, crack, or chip in a very short order of time.

5. Even mold-resistant paint is no good

If you’ve seen some mold-resistant paint on the hardware store shelf, don’t forget that it’s not at all designed to kill mold. It’s designed to prevent mold growth, not eliminate mold that’s already there.

6. It might actually be illegal

Did you know that in the state of Florida, you have to be careful about declaring “material defects” when you sell or rent out a home? Just painting over that mold could leave you open to legal consequences.


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To paint or not to paint: That’s the moldy question!

So: can you just paint over mold and be done with it? The answer is a resounding “definitely not”! If you’ve found mold on your walls, the best thing to do is to put that paint-brush away and consult with a skilled professional house painter who doesn’t just know how to make your home look great, but knows all about swift and lasting mold remediation.

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